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New Avid editors have two choices on how they can purchase Media Composer.

BUY A PERPETUAL LICENSE - You can still own the software by purchasing a Media Composer Perpetual License. This includes the first year annual support contract as well so you will have access to all upgrades released for the next 12 months. The Support Plan and upgrades may be renewed annually with a Standard Support Plan Renewal. The perpetual license only includes NewBlue Titler Pro v1, along with trial versions to Sorenson Squeeze Lite and iZotope Insight.

SUBSCRIBE ANNUALLY - The new Avid Media Composer Annual Subscription plan is a fantastic value. For $599 you don’t just get Avid Media Composer, you also get the Symphony option! The 3rd party software is much better as well. You get New Blue Titler v2, Sorenson Squeeze Lite, Boris Continuum Lite and a 30 day trail to iZotope Insight. You also get a year of Avid support which entitles you to all upgrades and updates.

Upgrade any version of Avid Media Composer with an Avid Support Contact before May 15, 2015

Avid Part #: 9920-65235-03

$699.00 MSRP

Upgrade any version of Avid Symphony with an Avid Support Contact before May 15, 2015
Avid Part #: 9920-65237-03

$699.00 MSRP


Media Composer
Annual Subscription

Avid Part #: 9935-65752-00

$599.88 MSRP

Media Composer Annual Subscription for Students
Avid Part #: 9935-65755-00

$119.88 MSRP

Media Composer Annual Subscription for Institutions
Avid Part #: 9935-65754-00

$479.88 MSRP


Media Composer | Software
Perpetual License with 1 Year Standard Support Plan 

Avid Part #: 9935-65686-00

$1,299.00 MSRP

Media Composer | Software + Dongle
Avid Part #: 9935-65686-06

$1,799.00 MSRP

Media Composer | Software
Perpetual License
for Students & Teachers 

Avid Part #: 9935-65687-00

$295.00 MSRP

Did your customer upgrade to Media Composer 8 Last Year just after NAB?
If so, their Avid Standard Support Plan may be coming up for renewal. Be sure to reach out to your customers to make sure they keep their Support Plan up to date with these annual renewals.

for Media Composer
Avid Part #: 9920-65235-04

$299.00 MSRP
for Media Composer with Symphony
Avid Part #: 9920-65237-04

$299.00 MSRP

Media Composer Floating Licensing and Benefits

Media Composer | Software Floating License with Avid Floating License Server

Media Composer | Software
Floating License: 20 Pack

Avid Part #: 9935-65706-00
BDI Part #: MCFLT20
$35,980.00 MSRP

Media Composer | Software
Floating License: 50 Pack

Avid Part #: 9935-65707-00
BDI Part #: MCFLT50
$89,950.00 MSRP

Media Composer | Software Floating License Academic
with Avid Floating License Server

Media Composer | Software EDU
Floating License: 20 Pack

Avid Part #: 9935-65709-00
$1,980.00 MSRP

Media Composer | Software EDU
Floating License: 50 Pack

Avid Part #: 9935-65710-00
$4,950.00 MSRP large-scale media enterprise, post-production houses, and educational institutions, Avid now offers floating licensing, enabling you to purchase “packs” of shared licenses to deploy across your entire facility using a single system ID. This enables multiple editors to use Media Composer® simultaneously on any number of workstations when licenses are available (not actively in use). Once you close your Media Composer application, the license is automatically returned to the pool of available licenses on the licensing server.

Enjoy easy set-up and administration
Your Media Composer floating license pack purchase comes with easy-to-use Avid Floating License Server software, which enables you to distribute licenses quickly and easily across your facility—on demand—from a single, centralized server. You can install the server software on any standard Windows-based computer (see the minimum system requirements below)—simply enter your licensing server address into Media Composer during installation and the rest of the process is automatic.

Once installed, you can access the floating license server from any Windows- or Mac-based client system, making administration and management easy—and super convenient when you’re physically not in the facility. And when using a disk image to install multiple Media Composer seats across a facility, simply entering the server address once in the image means the licensing process is completely transparent to end users.

Get flexible license access
To obtain a floating license, simply open Media Composer on your network-connected computer, and the software automatically connects to your licensing server and issues an available license in the background. In addition—similar to a library—floating licenses can be “checked out” to individual machines, such as a laptop, when you, an editor, or student needs to work off site or at home. Your administrator simply grants these privileges to the requestor, along with an expiration date. This makes it easy to add freelancers or students on a per-project basis, and have the granted licenses automatically returned at the end of the project.

Save time and money. By incorporating floating licensing, you can:

  • Maximize your investment, as licenses are only consumed when in use and returned to the server when not, enabling additional editors to connect when licenses become available
  • Offer the ability to “check out” licenses—ideal for projects that need to be completed on the road or at home for an extended period of time
  • Save countless hours of activation, installation, and upgrade time using Avid’s Floating License Server software and your existing hardware to establish a single, centralized licensing server—just activate a pack of licenses, tell Media Composer the server address, and the system will automatically request licenses from the server on the internal network
  • Save money and gain more operational flexibility over purchasing individual seats of Media Composer that often go unused when a designated editor or system isn’t working
  • Gain peace of mind, as all licenses are relinquished to the server when Media Composer closes or times out (after a period of inactivity), protecting you from theft Composer | Symphony Option

Get the advanced tools you need to professionally correct and grade color, design stunning visual effects, and master your projects with the Media Composer | Symphony Option, an add-on for Media Composer | Software. This powerful software option adds advanced, secondary, and relational color correction tools to help you get the look you want, enables you to deliver multiple formats from a single master source, and design stunning visual effects with Boris Continuum Complete Lite.

  • Correct and grade color with incredible precision
  • Create eye-catching professional VFX with Boris Continuum Complete Lite
  • Take your offline online with powerful mastering tools:
    • Master Media Composer projects in the highest quality using Universal Mastering (requires Media Composer | Nitris DX hardware)
    • Easily output projects and sequences to a different frame rate than the original media

Avid Part #: 9935-65688-00

$749.00 MSRP Composer | Production Pack

Give your Media Composer projects the professional look and sound quality they need to make the biggest impact. The Media Composer | Production Pack includes three complementary software tools—NewBlue Titler Pro 2, iZotope Insight, and Sorenson Squeeze—that enable you to create stunning 2D and 3D video titles, analyze and troubleshoot audio mixes, and optimize video for web and disc play.

Media Composer | Production Pack
Avid Part #: 9935-65756-00

$599.00 MSRP

Media Composer | Production Pack
for Educational Purchasers

Avid Part #: 9935-65757-00

$99.00 MSRP

Introducing the Avid Artist | DNxIO
High-Resolution Video IO System 

Avid introduced the Avid Artist | DNxIO, a hardware interface designed to accelerate high-resolution video production. When combined with the industry’s preeminent Media Composer video editing software, the Avid Artist | DNxIO delivers best-in-class high-res video ingest, editing, monitoring, and output, giving video professionals the flexible, open, and integrated creative tools they need to efficiently create the highest-quality media. Further, because it is built on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, Avid Artist | DNxIO is compatible with an yAvid Artist Suite solutions and many third-party creative tools, including Blackmagic Resolve, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more.

Key benefits and features:

  • Capture and playback up to 60 frames per second in a range of formats including SD, HD, Ultra HD, 2K and 4K
  • Work faster and more efficiently with real-time or accelerated encode, decode, color conversion, up conversion, down conversion, and cross conversion with onboard hardware processing
  • Get reliable operation with a redundant power supply
  • Connect to a variety of computers using PCIe or Thunderbolt connections
  • Easily integrate with existing workflows using multiple connections, including:
    • Video inputs and outputs
      • Quad SDI in and out—both in and out provide dual 12Gbit and dual 3Gbit supporting single, dual and quad link in and out
      • Dual 12Gbit optical in/out (modules not included)
      • HDMI in and out
      • Analog video in and out—component and composite
    • Audio inputs and outputs
      • Balanced analog audio—4 channels in, 4 channels out
      • AES/EBU—2 channels in, 2 channels out
      • Consumer Hi-Fi inputs for MP3 players and other devices
      • Front panel features mic input with 48V phantom power, mic level control, headphone connection, and headphone level control
  • Ensure media is in sync with dual timecode in and out
  • Control the system from external devices using remote control ports
  • Monitor media with confidence using a bright front-panel full 1080HD resolution LCD display
  • Get hands-on control over sources of video, audio, timecode, and remote control signaling

Avid Artist | DNxIO Only
MFR Part # 9900-65660-00

$3,899.00 MSRP

Avid Artist | DNxIO with Avid Media Composer 2 year subscription
MFR Part # 9935-65952-00

$4,899.00 MSRP
Avid Artist | DNxIO with Avid Media Composer Perpetual License
MFR Part # 9935-65951-00

$4,899.00 MSRP

Attention Avid Editors: Upgrade any version of Media Composer to the new Media Composer with 1 year Support and Artist | DNxIO
MFR Part # 9925-65171-00

$4,000.00 MSRP

Avid Artist | DNxIO with Avid Media Composer 2 year subscription Academic
MFR Part # 9935-65953-00

$3,555.00 MSRP
Avid Artist | DNxIO with Avid Media Composer Perpetual License Academic
MFR Part # 9935-65951-00

$3,399.00 MSRP

Special! Avid Artist DNxIO Trade-In Offer
for your Avid Nitris DX and Mojo DX Customers

Trade in any Nitris DX or MojoDX hardware for Artist | DNxIO for a limited time only
MFR Part # 9925-65169-00

$3,399.00 MSRP

Coming Soon!
Avid ISIS | 1000

Proven. Real-Time Collaboration. For Everyone.

Get the industry-proven performance and reliability of ISIS in a more affordable, entry-level storage system designed for independent editors, audio post pros, and smaller post-production houses. ISIS | 1000 offers real-time editorial collaboration and the bandwidth you need to accelerate any media workflow. Plus, advanced file management enables you to work with Avid and third-party systems, with the data protection, flexibility, and scalability only Avid can deliver.

Get the power and reliability of ISIS within easy reach

Over 3,000 of the world’s top broadcast and post-production studios have made ISIS their storage solution of choice. Now, with ISIS | 1000, you get the proven performance, reliability, and scalability of ISIS in a more affordable, easy-to-use system that’s designed to speed up editorial efficiency, while protecting your assets. Connect multiple editors simultaneously for real-time collaboration. Keep production moving with automatic media-aware drive repairs. And quadruple your storage capacity and bandwidth easily as your business grows.

Maximize efficiency—your way

As a component of the Avid MediaCentral Platform, ISIS | 1000 is designed to be used with both Avid and third-party editing and asset management tools* you know and love. Accelerate your workflow, whether using Media Composer, Pro Tools, Apple Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere. And manage media through easy integration with third-party asset management software. Plus, ISIS | 1000 works with inexpensive NETGEAR and Dell switches, eliminating the need for costly and complex network switches.

Experience simplicity with exceptional performance

Forget the fear of managing a sophisticated, network-enabled media storage and sharing system. ISIS | 1000 makes system set-up and management easy, so you can focus on your work—not on becoming an IT expert. Plus, its self-balancing, distributed architecture and metadata management intelligently handles data redistribution, media protection, and other tasks automatically, so you get predictable performance under all load conditions.

Maximize your business potential

Unlike inexpensive storage drives that can only be used with one… workstation… at… a… time, greatly slowing down productivity when editing media, ISIS | 1000 puts the “flow” back in your workflow, enabling up to 24 contributors to access and share the same assets simultaneously, greatly accelerating production. Plus, its rock-solid data protection technology prevents media loss, so you can confidently complete projects faster, boost your reputation, and win more of the work you want.

Avid ISIS | 1000
Data Sheet

Avid ISIS | 1000
MFR Part #ISIS1000
BDI Part #ISIS1000
$17,995 MSRP

Avid Artist Series Control Surfaces are the perfect complement
to any Avid Media Composer or Avid Symphony Edit Suite!

Avid Artist Color

Accelerated Color Grading with Media Composer 6

When it comes to color grading, using a mouse can leave you seeing red — literally. With the compact, ergonomic Artist Color, you gain deep hands-on control to get the look you're after — with great precision and speed. Plus, you get the superior feel and control of high-end grading hardware at a fraction of the cost, plus unparalleled access to all software color functions. And with programmable Soft Keys, you can customize the surface to speed your workflow

Avid Part #: 9900-65029-00
$1,666.00 MSRP

Avid Artist Control

High-resolution custom control for video and audio.

Speed up and enhance your entire editing experience with hands-on control from Artist Control. With its touchscreen interface and preprogrammed Soft Keys, which you can also customize to perform one-touch complex functions, you can edit video faster—with more precision and fewer keyboard keystrokes. Mix audio tracks with the touch-sensitive faders and encoders. And navigate through projects with ease using the jog/shuttle/zoom wheel and dedicated transport controls.

Avid Part #: 9900-65027-00

$1,666.00 MSRP

Avid Artist Transport

High-resolution editing & navigation.

Get where you need to go-fast — with complete one-handed control over your projects. Gain one-touch access to software functions and change the functionality of the jog wheel and shuttle ring with the Soft Keys. Use the jog wheel and shuttle ring to move through projects, trim/move clips, adjust volumes or pans, and more. And with programmable transport keys and a numeric keypad to enter time code or move clips, you can significantly speed up your editing.

Avid Part #: 9900-65030-00

$443.00 MSRP

Avid Artist Mix

Highly responsive control for audio.

If you’re working with multiple audio tracks in your projects, editing and mixing with just a keyboard and mouse can be frustrating. With Artist Mix, you can greatly speed up your recording, editing, and mixing tasks, with full hands-on control and precision. Adjust volumes across multiple tracks with the touch-sensitive faders. Pan sounds with the touch-sensitive rotary encoders. And solo, mute, and record tracks right from the surface.

Avid Part #: 9900-65028-00

$1,399.00 MSRP
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