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Pyro AV by ADS Tech SD10DAC
Standard Definition 10-bit SDI to Analog Video Converter for Under $600

  • Perfect for sending video to monitors, projectors or decks
  • 10 Bit Processing Digital to Analog Conversion
  • Output to Component, RGB, Y/C and Composite Video

The SD10DAC standard definition SDI to Analog Composite, Y/C, or Component is a broadcast quality converter designed to demanding quality specifications and utilizing the finest components available. The SD10DAC is useful for video monitoring, dubbing and desktop video applications. The SD10DAC accepts 10 bit SDI video supporting NTSC/PAL video standards by automatically detecting the format of the SDI stream input format and outputs 10 bit analog video in YPbPr, RGB, Y/C or Composite video according to user selection. The SD10DAC includes an LED indicating the presence of a locked SDI signal. The equalizer is optimized for 270 Mb/sec with excellent return loss (>15dB).

$599.00 MSRP


  • 10 Bit end to end processing
  • 4 - 10 bit Video encoding DAC’s
  • Low Band-Pass video reconstruction filters
  • Automatic detection and switching to NTSC(M/N), PAL (B/D/G/H/I/M/N)
  • User Selectable output to YPbPr, Betacam,
    SMPTE, RGB or simultaneous CVBS and Y/C
  • NTSC Pedestal (0 or 7.5 IRE)
  • SDI Signal present LED indicator
  • Color Bar test signal (SDI signal must be present)
  • 4 position dip switch for user selectable settings
  • Rugged Aluminum and Steel enclosure
  • 5 VDC (110-240 50/60 Hz) Locking Power Supply
  • 5 year warranty


  • Serial Input - SMPTE 259M, SDI
  • SDI Cable Equalization - 350m of Belden 1694A cable (Typical)
  • SDI Return Loss -28.75 dB @ 270 MHz (Exceeds SMPTE standard of -15dB)
  • Connector - 75 ½ BNC
  • Outputs - YPbPr – SMPTE, RGB (3 BNC’s),Composite (CVBS) or Y/C
  • Frequency Response
    • Luminance
    • NTSC - 0.091dB Pass-Band Ripple to 4.157 MHz
    • PAL - 0.15 dB Pass-Band Ripple to 4.74 MHz
    • Chroma - 0.084 dB Pass-Band Ripple to 1.395 MHz
  • Differential Gain - 1%
  • Differential Phase - 1°
  • Y/C Delay - 7 nS max
  • D/A Converters - 10 bit
  • Signal Path - 10 bit
  • Delay (input to output) - 1.3 uS
  • Output level adjustment - +/- 20% (internal filter control)
  • Output Level matching - 1% or 10 mv (all outputs are separately buffered)
  • Power - 5VDC - 110-220 50/60 Hz Locking Power connector
  • Size - Enclosure – 5.8” L x 3.125” W x 1.187” H


Multi-Rate 10 bit HD/SD SDI to Analog Video Encoder

• Supports HD and SD-SDI signals to Component Video
• 10 Bit Processing Digital to Analog Conversion
• Outputs Component, RGB , Y/C and Composite Video

The HD10DAC is a Multi-Rate HD/SD-SDI to HD Component Analog Video Encoder. The HD10DCA also provides two re-clocked Multi-Rate SDI outputs acting as a distribution amplifier and 3 BNC connectors for analog video output.

The HD10DAC is a broadcast quality converter designed to demanding quality specifications utilizing the finest components available yet offered at a low cost. The HD10DAC is designed using the most advanced technology available to produce truly studio quality video.

The HD10DAC accepts 10 bit SDI (SMPTE 292M and 259M-C) 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 video supporting NTSC/PAL video standards by automatically detecting the resolution and format of the SDI stream and outputs full bandwidth HD Component or YPbPr, Betacam, SMPTE, RGB, Y/C or Composite video for SD-SDI input streams according to user selection.

$1,150.00 MSRP

Multi-Rate 12 bit Analog Video to HD/SD-SDI

• Perfect for converting analog video to SDI video
• 12 bit video decoder converts HD Component Video to HD-SDI
• Supports NTSC, PAL and Secam up to 1080i 60
• Outputs HD or SD-SDI via 3 BNC connectors

The HD12ADC accepts analog video (Composite, Y/C. RGB, YPbPr) at resolutions up to 1920 x 1080i 60 and uses 12 bit ADC's to generate three duplicate SDI video streams.

The Multi-Rate serializer generates either SD-SDI or HD-SDI depending upon the resolution of the analog video signal input. The HD12ADC provides three Multi-Rate SDI (SMPTE 259M and 292M) outputs over 75 BNC connectors.

The HD12ADC is a broadcast quality converter designed to demanding quality specifications utilizing the finest components available yet offered at a low cost. The HD12ADC is an exceptional and versatile tool to convert all of your analog video into Multi-Rate SDI streams.

$899.00 MSRP

Triple Rate 4 Port Distribution Amplifier

• Future Proofed 3 Gb/sec. Distribution Amplifier
• Split your 3G/1.5Gb/270Mb SDI video stream into 4 SDI streams
• Supports 3 Gb/sec. and backward compatible to all SDI speeds

Future proof your video infrastructure. 3 Gb/sec. supports video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080p 60 over a single coax cable. Triple rate devices are backward compatible to SD and HD-SDI. You may not be running 3 Gb/sec. today, but you probably will in the future. Your investment today ensures compatibility for tomorrow.

The 3G14DA is a Triple rate distribution amplifier with buffered and re-clocked outputs on 4 BNC connectors in a mini block size enclosure. Split your SDI video stream into 4 separate re-clocked video outputs.

The 3G14DA automatically detects the signal speed of the incoming video signal and distributes pristine video quality over the 4 output ports with no dip switches or user settings necessary. Individual signal present LED's display the locked SDI rate (143 MB, 270 MB, 1.5 Gb/sec and 3 Gb/sec.)

$799.00 MSRP

DV to SDI with Embedded Audio Bi-Directional Professional Video Converter

  • Simplifies Betacam SDI Import into Digital NLEs
  • RS-422 Machine Control per the Sony protocol spec
  • Dual Link SDI Converter supports a variety of 3rd party video capture/editing applications (i.e.: Avid Xpress DV, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, et cetera)
  • Embedded audio further simplifies Legacy and Betacam support

Dual Link SDI Converter is a bidirectional DV to SDI converter with embedded audio functionality for affiliates, broadcasters, producers, studios and the portable NLE markets. The embedded audio transmitter and receiver conform to SMPTE 272M-A (audio at 48kHz, synchronous to video).

The Dual Link SDI Converter can be powered 3 ways:

  • 6 Pin FireWire (1394 Bus Power from your computer)
  • 12V XLR Pack Battery Input
  • DC Power Input

DV 1394a I/O
Connect the Dual Link SDI Converter to your computer via the 6-Pin or 4-Pin 1394/FireWire Connection. The FireWire ports are bidirectional and support both the import and export of the video/audio. Note that the 4-Pin port does not supply power to the Dual Link SDI Converter.

$1,299.00 MSRP

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