Atomos AtomX SDI


Atomos AtomX SDI


Introducing the Atomos AtomX SDI expansion module designed to turn your Atomos Ninja V into a pro video SDI powerhouse. The module adds the quality and convenience of SDI equipment and infrastructure connectivity in addition to its existing HDMI capability. 


Monitor and record SDI up to 4Kp60, and go into or out of any SDI device including the popular Atomos Shinobi SDI pro monitor and Atomos Shogun Inferno, as well as legacy Atomos SDI products. This provides flexibility for any video or film production to allow all crew including directors, cinematographers, assistants and focus pullers to monitor and replay identical and calibrated content in HDR at the same time.

AtomX SDI key features

SDI in and out configurable to 2 ins, 2 outs, or 1 in and 1 out.
Up to 12/6/3 Gb/s signal streams.
Real-time conversion of up to 4K HDMI to SDI and vice versa.
Record 4Kp60 on a single stream or 4Kp30 on two streams.
Unlimited looped SDI devices with no image degradation up to 100m (300ft).