GDU 120mm Touch n Go Plate


GDU 120mm Touch n Go Plate


The Legendary Touch n Go Quick Release system Refined.    120mm industry standard length includes the receiver and one 120mm camera plate.  

120mm Length is suitable for larger cinema camera setups. 

QR Receiver

The QR receiver features a spring-loaded latching system with a safety catch to help prevent the plate from accidentally being released.

QR Plate

The plate has grooves machined into the bottom of the plate. These grooves reduce the overall weight of the plate, while increasing its resistance to flexing.
The screw slot for the 3/8"-16 screws is 1.625" long and provides a maximum on-center distance of 1.5" between the two screws.

Additional Quick release plates available separately. 

Weight:  1.12lb  Receiver,  0.38lb Plate