LifePowr A3 100W AC & 87W USB-C PD Battery Pack


LifePowr A3 100W AC & 87W USB-C PD Battery Pack


Freedom at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re on the go, at the office, or in the comfort of your own home, we give you the power to seek, create, and savor every moment.
After all, disconnecting shouldn’t be a sacrifice.

Rediscover peace of mind, with a little help from the A3.

Ultra Fast Charging

USB-C Power Delivery allows for whatever device you connect to automatically receive the optimal and fastest charge available. The A3 is faster than any competitor and offers Market-leading charge speeds over USB-C, unseen in a portable battery. As a result, your device will be back on track in a snap! But it doesn’t end there: the A3 takes only 2 hours to recharge itself over USB-C PD!

Easy, Sleek, Compact

There’s only one button on the A3 that activates the AC outlet. It supports Pass-through charging so you can recharge while feeding other devices, useful as UPS! The USB ports are Auto-On – meaning, all you have to do is plug in your device and it’ll start charging automatically. It’s as simple as that! For all the power the A3 packs, this is as lightweight and portable as power bank of this caliber comes.

Versatile & Sustainable

Combining a USB-C and AC output in one portable battery lets you power a wide variety of gear, new or old. The LIFEPOWR A3 is the perfect powerbank for any MacBook / Laptop, whether it accepts USB-C or still uses a standard 120V / 230V plug.

Fearless Freedom

We developed the A3 to be free and independent. To have power wherever we need it and be able to disconnect ourselves from the grid. Create your own energy with the SUN20C and store it into the A3 to power your outdoor explorations. A battery to rely on, even in case of an emergency!