LiveU Solo Connect/3 Modem Starter Kit

SKU: SoloConnect3

LiveU Solo Connect/3 Modem Starter Kit

Solo Connect/3 Modem Starter Kit:

Key Features

  • 2 USB modems certified as compatible with LiveU Solo
  • 1 MiFi wireless router device with internal battery
  • MiFi supports LAN, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity to the Solo
  • LTE, compact devices w/ 3 simultaneous connections to ensure your stream is super robust, and the highest quality possible
  • USB-C cable and power adapter included for the MiFi


Get the most out of your LiveU Solo solution by bonding multiple connections together and getting the best video transport technology to ensure the highest quality video is transmitted even when mobile streaming. You now can get it all with the Solo ConnectSolution combining certified modems and routers, LiveU's Reliable Transport (LRT™) Cloud Service and unlimited data plans*.

The SoloConnect Services Unlimited Data Plan for 3 modems is just $435/month and includes the subscription for LiveU LRT Cloud services.

  • 1 AT&T Inseego USB800 USB Modem
  • 1 Verizon Novatel 730 USB Modem
  • 1 ATT MiFi Router