NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Elite Upgrade from Titler Pro 3-6 Elite


SKUTP7EUP | 3456E NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Elite Upgrade from Titler Pro 3-6 Elite


Create professional-looking designs for your video productions with the Titler Pro 7 Elite Upgrade from Titler Pro 3-6 Elite download from NewBlueFx. This Elite version of Titler Pro 7 upgrades your existing Titler Pro Elite v.3 to 6 software, adding over 50 templates to the standard Titler Pro 7 2D/3D application. The combined templates include animations and motion graphics with easily customized shapes, colors, and other design elements. New features in the version 7 upgrade include a faster NTX engine with quicker, lighter compression, a reworked Elastic Timeline with the ability to create multiple title durations from a single design and simplified multi-title management. With Titler Pro 7 Elite, high-quality rolling credits without the bane of flickering text edges can now be easily created within your editing window. Object following enables you to select a title layer and have the other layers automatically adjust their scale and position to fit any changes made to the lead layer. Style breaks within titles like font, color, and thickness variations can now be remembered and automatically applied to other titles with Titler Pro 7 Elite. Looping objects like backgrounds can be set with specific start and end points as well as customized delays between loops. Use Titler Pro 7 Elite as a standalone program or as a plug-in within compatible applications. These include NewBlue Titler Pro 2+, Adobe Premiere CC, Avid Media Composer 6+ and Symphony 6+, Grass Valley EDIUS 7/8/9, and MAGIX Movie Studio and VEGAS Pro 10+. When used standalone, Titler Pro 7 Elite lets you export titles as .mov files, which you can import into your NLE and add to your timeline as regular clips. This one-user Titler Pro 7 Elite Upgrade license can be used on up to two computers and in as many compatible host applications as you would like simultaneously. New Features Re-tooled NTX engine with faster performance and improved flexibility Faster, lighter compression stores titles while using less memory and simultaneously improving image quality and offering real-time playback Improved timeline flexibility with animations following your trim points, producing multiple title durations from one design Simplified, time-saving multi-title management Smooth rolling credits with simpler controls and elimination of flickering text edges Object following adjusts scale and position based on changes to your lead layer Style breaks within a text can be remembered for automatic application to other titles Looping features include selectable delays between loops and specific start and end points 350+ fresh designs including dozens of new collections Integrated graphics across Titler Live and Titler Pro for seamless transitions between environments