SecureData SecureUSB® BT (16GB) 256-bit Hardware Encrypted USB 3.0 Flash Drive


SecureData SecureUSB® BT (16GB) 256-bit Hardware Encrypted USB 3.0 Flash Drive


Patent pending technology puts Military Grade AES256 bit encryption at your fingertips. The only hardware encrypted drive with User authentication via DataLock® app on any smartphone, tablet, wearable or similar mobile device (available for download at the app store Apple/Android). In addition to a completely OS and software free design to encrypt the data at rest the SecureUSB® BT also allows for the easiest user experience to unlock the drive with a user created 7-15 digit alpha numeric pin or Apple Touch ID / Face recognition.

All User data, PINs, Crypto Parameters and Encryption Keys are always encrypted while at rest.

Remote Management Capabilities

The SecureUSB BT products are the only hardware encrypted drives on the market with completely SOFTWARE FREE remote management capabilities. Unlike any other remote managed data storage device the remote management option can be added to the drive at any time after purchase (subscription fees apply). Using the Web Remote Management Console Admins manage user groups via Geo-fencing Restrictions and Time-fencing Restrictions, Enabling/Disabling login, resetting the drive, Admin unlock and resetting the Users pin.

While your drive is added to the DataLock® RM and it is lost or stolen; the data can be crypto erased remotely within a nanosecond. NO MORE DATA LEAKS due to misplaced portable drives. For a full feature list please contact us for a demo.

Certified Secure with FIPS Compliant Design

Full disk hardware encryption is just a start of keeping your data completely safe should it ever get into the wrong hands. While the hardware design is impenetrable we don’t stop there, all user data and crypto parameters are encrypted as well.

The SecureUSB® BT contain an independent processor, crypto processor as well as other security components to create a unique and patent pending design. Every vital piece of electronics is covered with a tough epoxy coating cementing the critical components in an indistinguishable solid crypt.

While this epoxy is effectively impossible to remove without destroying the independent components, it does not however affect the functionality of each component nor reduce the overall performance, it simply makes the electronics impossible to separate and reverse engineer.

OS and Platform Independent

The SecureUSB® BT will work on any host operating system (Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Thin Clients, Zero Clients, Android & Embedded Systems). This means this is the perfect backup solution for DVRs, Game Consoles, Laptops, PCs, Servers, Workstations and any other device with USB ports. There are no drivers or software to update, all encryption and authentication is performed directly on the drive.

Preloaded with Antivirus

Keep your SecureUSB® BT virus free with a pre-loaded 1 year license for the USB Antivirus by ESET real-time Heuristic Scanning. Even if not connected to the internet the ESET engine will recognize malicious files based on a custom algorithm and deny saving them to the SecureUSB® BT. Unlike desktop antivirus software the USB Antivirus is designed for mobile devices and does not require any installation on the host.

Full Disk Hardware Encryption

There is absolutely no communication between the host Operating System (Windows, Linux, MacOS or similar) and the drive until the User enters the correct PIN via DataLock® app. Only at this time will the USB controller be unlocked to initiate communication between the drive and host OS. Hardware encryption also eliminates loss in data read/write speeds unlike software based data encryption which can slow performance by 30% or more. Even if the hard drive is extracted from the enclosure starting at sector 0 all data is encrypted all the way to the last Logical Block, rest assured there is no way to decrypt the data without the 256-bit key.

256 bit AES XTS Mode

The data encryption process consists of 14 different rounds of encryption to make your original data unrecognizable to an unauthorized user. SecureUSB® BT encryption for data at rest is implemented using the XTS block cipher mode since it circumvents multiple weaknesses of the older AES modes, such as CBC and ECB.

USB 3.0 Super Speed

USB 3.0 uses two unidirectional data paths: one to receive data and the other to transmit. The “SuperSpeed” bus provides for a transfer mode at a nominal rate of 5.0 Gbit/s while being backwards compatible with USB 2.0 for older hardware.

Brute Force Anti-Hacking Self Destruct Feature

Entering an incorrect password ten consecutive times will trigger the brute force hacking detection which will crypto-erase the passwords, all User data and drive formatting. The drive will remain functional but will require reformatting and all data which resided on the device including any identifiable user parameters will be unrecoverable.

IMPORTANT – If the drive is not added to the REMOTE MANAGEMENT console and the User PIN is forgotten there are no techniques to retrieve the key. There are absolutely no backdoors and all data will be erased if the brute force mechanism is triggered.

BadUSB Protection

Since the SecureUSB® BT is hardware encrypted the USB controller is locked until it correct user pin is entered. This unique design does not allow for any malicious firmware modifications/updates preventing the BadUSB exploit.

Read Only Mode

Optional Read-Only mode prevents Writing, Deleting, Saving or editing any Files to the device until Read/Write is enabled.

Bootable Drive

Saving a boot files and drivers required to load a PC, Laptop or Workstation on a SecureUSB® BT will keep your system image fully encrypted until you’re ready to load the machine. Upon successful User Authentication the SecureUSB® BT performs identical to a non-secure USB or Hard Drive.

Inactivity AutoLock

To protect against unauthorized access when the Drive is connected to a host computer and unattended, the Drive can be set to automatically lock after a pre-set amount of time of inactivity.

The default state of the Inactivity Lock is OFF. This feature can be set to activate (lock) at predefined times between 0 and 60 minutes.

Step Away AutoLock

The Step-away AutoLock will lock the Drive (disappear from the File Explorer/Finder) when the iOS/Android device is moved about 3m away from the Drive for longer than 5 seconds. When returned to the Drive vicinity, the Drive unlocks automatically if Remember Password option is ON.

Unlock via mobile App. Remote Management Included.

  • 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3: In-Process
  • Awards: Red Dot 2019 Award Winner | CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree
  • Remote Management 1 Year License Included – Learn More
  • Bulk Drive Provisioning via DataLock Admin App (iOS/Android)
  • Hardware Encryption – AES256-bit XTS
  • OS Independent. Works across and with any OS and Devices
  • Secure Wireless User Authentication via Mobile Phone / DataLock® App (iOS/Android)
  • Convenient Unlocking Options with TouchID / FaceID (iOS)
  • Useful Locking Step-Away Option
  • Unique Password Recovery & Remote Wipe Option
  • Admin/User Mode, Read-Only Mode, Auto-Lock
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty