SimplyLive ViBox All In One


SimplyLive ViBox All-In-One
ViBox All-In-One - Sports Production Overview
  • An intuitive touch screen UI that's easy to learn and use, empowering the next generation of operators and optimized for one operator production

Additional System Benefits
  • The Flexible I/O in the ViBox 8 Mini allows you to add up to 6 cameras either SDI or NDI including embedded audio for each camera
  • Looking to build custom graphics for your show?  Build them in your choice of an outboard NDI capable graphics system and integrate them directly into the All-In-One interface
  • Want to minimize the amount of equipment you bring to a location? The ViBox Mini hardware can be rack mounted in your machine room with the UI extended to your production location via ethernet with the addition of an optional PC 
The ViBox All-In-One Varsity Bundle Includes:
  • ViBox 8 Mini (rack ears included)
  • All-In-One Control Software             
  • SloMo Control Software
  • Super SloMo Option
  • BMR Software
  • Audio Software
  • Xport Software